Best eCommerce Platforms For Singapore 2019

In this post, I’m going to show you how to choose the Best eCommerce Platforms For Singapore!

In fact:

With all the ecommerce platforms on offer, 120 at my last count, we can sometimes find it quite hard to decide which one is the best fit.

With all the ecommerce platforms on offer, 120 at my last count, we can sometimes find it quite hard to decide which one is the best fit. Click To Tweet
A brief overview of the huge amount of ecommerce platforms available to your Singaporean business

The question is:

How does a Singaporean business choose the best ecommerce solution?

We are already a force to be reckoned with, containing a highly advanced digital economy with many high profile global and regional e-commerce giants already in place…

Are we too late to the digital party?

Not at all!

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for smaller more highly targeted ecommerce stores and businesses.

We are not competing with the likes of:

One of the many international e-commerce sites in Southeast Asia, like Zalora, who gets around 1,100,000 visitors per month in Singapore.

largest fashion ecommerce site zalora singapore

Of course, while these larger ecommerce mega sites fight over market share…

This is where the smart entrepreneur siphons off clients and buyers into their own business.

niche ecommerce stores growth singapore
The growth is only going to continue, and this is where the smaller niche site will dominate

And with that I have some good news:

Smaller Singaporean businesses have the ability to swiftly make changes.

And this increases your business power when it comes to playing in the same field as these already established ecommerce giants.


Digital is all about speed of implementation and change!

Before we even get into the main reason for this report…

The top 10 best ecommerce platforms for Singapore, I guess the first thing that I would ask is:

Do you know what you are going to sell?

If you don’t know what you are going to sell, then, stop reading this right now, go back to the drawing board and find out what you want to sell.
You can check out my article on How Shopify Can Help ASEAN eCommerce that will give you an idea of what you can choose.
So, once you have your niche chosen, or if you have been selling a long time, its time to get into choosing the best ecommerce platforms for your Singapore business.

What Are The Best Type Of eCommerce Platform For Your Business?

So, here we go:

What do we choose?

Do we go all out and get an eCommerce platform software, or do we sell on a marketplace like Amazon or eBay?

should we choose ebay or amazon
I believe most marketplaces and platforms have a place in an ASEAN entrepreneurs business uses.

Or maybe they are lacking too much in terms of tools and features (I believe so).

The question is:

Do you know what is 100% necessary for what you need?

  • Are you looking for the best e-commerce platforms for a startup business?
  • Or maybe for a fully established offline enterprise?
  • Maybe there are certain features that you might be able to pass on?
ecommerce platform essentials singapore
There are a lot of things that are needed to have a smooth ecommerce operation in Singapore, make sure you choose the right platform for all your needs.

Another thing to think about is the budget:

  • What is it?
  • Can it grow?
  • And what kind of investment can you make worthwhile?

Below you will see an overview of the most used ecommerce platforms in Singapore, and Shopify ranks number 1.

Followed by Squarspace, then Weebly eCommerce (not great), and Wix. We go a lot more in details here, so hold on…


So, there are lots of burning questions, and quite a few solutions that can help you out, so let’s dive in and see the best e-commerce platforms for Singaporean businesses in 2019.

Top 10 Best eCommerce Platforms For Singapore

I’m going to start with my favorite and the one that my business personally uses and that I recommend to any of my clients, and that is Shopify.

1. Shopify eCommerce Platform

With over 800,000 stores created using the Shopify platform, the sheer numbers of users should give you an inkling of how good this platform is, could this be one of the best eCommerce platforms for Singapore?

My answer – 100% Yes!

And there is a good reason for that:

Over 1600 businesses in Singapore already use Shopify as their preferred e-commerce solution.

ecommerce platform singapore shopify
This is actually my favorite and most highly recommended

And why is this?

It’s simple to use.

And with a little bit of instruction, you can have your fully functioning eCommerce Store up within a matter of hours, from scratch…

And that includes:

  • Adding products,
  • Optimizing the product listings,
  • and adding plugins to help you do all of the detailed marketing bits and bobs.


Shopify is used by loads of smaller ecommerce stores, and it isn’t that suitable for a huge e-commerce merchant businesses…

Like the giants that are already in the marketplace, and who you don’t have to worry about!

Let’s look at what local brands are doing with Shopify.

Like WatchSpree, who use the Shopify ecommerce platform for their Singapore business online.

watchspree singapore ecommerce shopify

Shopify is much better for smaller boutique e-commerce brands, and the price reflects this too:

Ranging from about $29 dollars per month to about $299.

shopify ecommerce singapore pricing guide

Get Shopify Here with a 14 Day Free Trial. It’s such a cool platform, and easy to use, no wonder it sits at Number 1 on the list.

But, then again, that’s not to say you can’t use Shopify for the bigger store, and if that is your plan, then you might want to look into, Shopify Plus.

2. Shopify Plus Enterprise eCommerce

Simply put, if you are a high volume merchant who needs a hosted ‘enterprise ecommerce’ solution then…

Shopify Plus could be the best eCommerce Platform For Your Singaporean online business, definitely a good way to go…

I’m sure you all know Flower Chimp Singapore?

Well, believe it or not, they use Shopify Plus for all of their Singaporean e-commerce solutions

flowerchimp ecommerce singapore shopify plus

And, just like most businesses that I work with:

Growth is always on the agenda.

And Shopify Plus allows my clients to be flexible, and free to develop their platforms at whatever speed is necessary.

Most importantly, for you, that means covering issues like:

  • Scalability and customizations
  • Wholesale management
  • Mobile store builder
  • Providing secure servers
  • Payment compliance
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Customizable workflows

And what I love:

Dedicated account managers, to help you out.

This is one of the things that places Shopify on the list of best ecommerce platforms for Singapore, because you never know when you ever get into a pickle.

And what does this do?

It frees up your time to kick some business ass by focusing on the marketing of your products to your customers.

Shopify Plus Pricing Variations

But like any business:

Pricing will vary based on a number of factors, including how much product you actually sell, the technology that you need, your designs and customizations, etc.

shopify plus pricing plan minimum $2000

Shopify Plus is a lovely beast of an e-commerce enterprise solution…

One that any company in Singapore and the ASEAN are well advised to use.

In my opinion:

The Shopify Boys rank Number 1 on my list of Top 10 Best eCommerce Platforms For Singapore!

Now, with Shopify out of the way:

We move onto the next ecommerce solution for your Singaporean business empire.

3. Magento eCommerce Software Platform

We get this question a lot:

Why should we choose Magento for eCommerce and selling online?”

And my most honest response goes like this…

With a whopping number of business class users, Magento comes in at kind of number 2 when it comes to the best eCommerce platforms for Singapore…

It has over 200,000 worldwide (and nearly 700 in Singapore) businesses using this e-commerce platform for its empire building”.

Pretty cool.

benefits of magento ecommerce for singapore
Many of the different elements that come as standard with Magento eCommerce

I think the thing that really gets it for me is the security element that is associated with the Magento Platform.

It’s full scale.

Meaning that you are in good secure hands with Magento, and this is a massive bonus to buyers.

And why Magento is classed as one of the top e-commerce platforms for business.

Now there are already huge companies like Skin INC using Magento Enterprise in Singapore (plus about another 22 more businesses), because of its features…

But there are also a whole host of smaller players using the platform. (Although not Magento Enterprise)

skin inc magento ecommerce singapore
Skin INC uses Magento Enterprise for its Singapore operations

What Are The Magento Security Features?

Enhanced password management – basically a much more advanced way of keeping your logins safe.

Prevention of cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks – basically securing all the data that you want to keep secure, from escaping and people being able to find it.

Like any store, you want to keep your business safe from attacks, and Abbot Store Singapore help their eCommerce safe by using Magento 2:

abbott store singapore magento 2 ecommerce

It has…

Flexible file system ownership and permissions – this just keeps the files that you own safe, that only you or your developers can make changes to them.

Prevention of clickjacking exploits – meaning that it prevents your user’s activity from unknowingly performing actions that they are not aware of.

Use of non-default Magento Admin URL – this is cool, it creates a random Admin URL, meaning it is much harder for do-baddies to find, and potentially h@ck. Unlike WordPress.

I love this option.

magento login url

Advanced Security Measures, including:

Admin Name and Password – obviously this is to use a very secure and random password, you really don’t want to be using anything that bots can easily break.

My first venture into selling on websites was a terrible experience, and my password was very easy.

Believe me, it’s not nice to get your site hacked, like many before me, all my hard work was gone.

Puff, into thin air!

You can’t quite put a feeling on getting your site hacked 🙁

Two-Step Verification – not just your average login, you will get an email, or text with a second verification to log in, I like this one.

There are many more security features, but these stand out as being really important, and Magento e-commerce platform has you covered.


What else makes Magento a top ecommerce platform?

Why do brand like Samsung and Nike, and even Ford use it?

It is pretty simple to use once you get it set up.

And as a marketer:

I’m always looking for good marketing attributes, that ease up my job a bit.

Examples would be:

Things like upsells and cross-sells are so important to e-commerce.

And Magento uses these perfectly, recommending products to increase basket price.

Magento Upsells and Cross sells
Upsells are the things that make your orders value increase, using them is a must!

Along with that it has the regular features like:

  • Search engine friendly URL’s
  • Customizable themes:
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • Good for SEO, almost helping your site rank on the likes of Google, Yahoo, Bing
  • Easy to manage your products, and display specific prices, add multiple images, etc.

Next up we have:

4. BigCommerce The Future Of Online Commerce (As their website states)

When it comes to determining the most compelling ecommerce platforms, BigCommerce shines out as one of the best solutions, also…


Because there are a ton of built-in features for entrepreneurs just like you.


Unlike other elegant website solutions, where you can set up your store and make sales, it goes way beyond than this…

Check out how your very own Deko Canvas uses BigCommerce for their Singaporean business efforts. It’s very well done…

One thing that makes it stands apart in the market is its built-in options.

There are a lot of built-in options compared to other ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, etc.

The platfrom allows you to:

  • Manage orders,
  • Products,
  • Customers,
  • Content,
  • Analytics,
  • Marketing,
  • Apps integration,
  • And settings of your store.

Plus, you get access to eye-popping data reports that help you to step up the game of your ecommerce business to the next level.

bigcommerce ecommerce platform order management

At present, BigCommerce has clients like Kodak, Ben & Jerry’s, and Toyota.

Huge obviously!

But you also might be aware of someone like Again Faster, who seem to consider it one of the best eCommerce platforms for Singapore business and use it for all their needs.

again faster ecommerce singapore

It’s surprising to note that a few e-commerce business owners dislike BigCommerce because of its functionality.

You can’t please everyone.

It can become a bit complex for those who aren’t that technically minded.

BigCommerce functionality is way different from WordPress.

It has so many in-built features to handle that it can often confuse the user.


Anyone who has used WordPress can easily use Shopify… and that’s pretty much the main reason behind the fame of Shopify (Again, one of the reasons why I started using it).

But Wait, we are not finished.

Have you heard the name WooCommerce?

Let us tell you why it is ranked among the Top 10 Best eCommerce Platforms For Singapore.  

5. WooCommerce – Selling Online With WordPress

Have you ever used WordPress?

If not, it’s a great content management system (CMS) and over 14,105 of your fellow Singaporeans use it for their website of choice.

That’s pretty impressive.

It’s used by D-Link Singapore for its operations.

WooCommerce is an easy plugin which allows you to turn your WordPress website into an online e-commerce sales machine.

d link singapore ecommerce woocommerce
Even big boys like Global Brand D-Link use Woocommerce for it’s ease of use.

It’s an open-source solution, and that’s what separates it from the other ecommerce platforms.

Along with not having to purchase any license or keep a check on the expiry notifications, which is great.

According to WooCommerce:

It powers over 28% of all online stores, which is pretty massive considering the number of stores in the world.

It’s fairly straightforward too:

In order to start your journey, you will need only a domain and hosting to build a WordPress website in the first place.

We recommend A2 Website Hosting For Singapore, it’s fast and easy to use, and really well priced, as you can see below.

We use it for this site.

Most business owners use the WooCommerce plugin because of its versatile nature, as you can configure your store the way you want it.

And, this plugin allows you to sell Anything. Yes, ANYTHING…!!

If you already have a WordPress website, you can integrate e-commerce functionality in it with the help of the WooCommerce plugin.

The great thing is:

You won’t get confused with how the platform works, potentially.

But remember! If you haven’t used WordPress yet, you might feel a little bit like a fish out of water.

There are thousands of tutorials online for WordPress, I even made some a few years back, so you won’t have an issue.

YouTube is your friend!

The only drawback that makes people dislike WooCommerce is the lack of support.

But even without the support it still gets into my list of the best ecommerce platforms that you can use in Singapore.

And also:

That lack of support shouldn’t really stop you, as the internet is full of forums and groups of people there to help you solve your problems.

Our friends over at DYC Asia don’t have any issues with it…

dyc asia singapore woocommerce ecommerce

But be aware:

If you ever get stuck, the support team may take time to respond and solve your issue, which can be a bit annoying…


I wouldn’t recommend you to use it if you are a beginner, because it requires an experienced level website skills.

Instead, you can try out another easy option, which I talk about below.

Or, maybe I’m wrong? Do you know how to build websites?

Good, then if this is so:

WooCommerce can be an effective and economical e-commerce solution for you.

6. Squarespace Commerce


Maybe website building isn’t that easy for you, and that’s completely ok! 

The great thing about the internet is that people love to build better and easier to use alternatives.

In Squarespace, you don’t need to care about the domain and hosting, like A2 Hosting and WordPress.

Which has its benefits.

And even huge corporations use it as part of their media empire, like the Singaporean commercial broadcasting conglomerate giant Mediacorp, for it’s Production Resource website.

mediacorp production resource singapore squarespace

Don’t be put off in using Squarespace just because Mediacorp are using it.

I think it speaks more about who Mediacorp are and their understanding of digital usage for non-techy people than anything else.

It is used by all types, techy and non-techy alike.

Like the guys (non-tech I’d imagine) at 28 Day practitioners at CITY Osteopathy and Physiotherapy in Singapore, who provide programs and advice to help you achieve your best health!

And the great thing about Squarespace for your business is that it’s simple to start.

Why does this make the top 10 list of best ecommerce platofrms for Singapre? well, it’s like this… You Sign up, choose a template and make your website within 10 minutes, that’s why.

The company provides a platform where you will have so many deep customization options, brilliant templates, and a simple interface.  

Pricing isn’t too bad either.

And also:

Squarespace users are free to make transactions without paying fees and list unlimited products on their store.

squarespace unlimited product listing

It’s true that Squarespace is an easy interface, but it is also true that it’s limited to a small set of integrations.

There’s no App Store where you can just go and install third-party apps, which hinders functionality.

That is annoying!

And unfortunately, you will be limited to only 70 themes.

squarespace theme directory

Squarespace could possibly be the best eCommerce platform for Singapore beginners entering the online shopping world.


It’s 1) easy to set up a store and 2) list products fast without watching any tutorials.

7. Wix eCommerce Website Builder

I must say:

It’s an even more straightforward interface than Squarespace for beginners.

In fact:

It’s known for its website builder (people rave about it) where you can just drag and drop a couple of things to make a jaw-dropping store.

Wix Templates ecommerce singapore

There are more than 500 decent themes from which you can choose.

We think that Wix is pretty cool for small business owners because it gives them an opportunity to build a store at an affordable cost.


You can quickly add products, integrate it with social media, and change shapes & buttons of the store with ease…  

Like the website Aajana in Singapore, selling Indian themed Jewelry.

aajana singapore wix ecommerce

Although, as good as it is, Wix still can’t beat the powerful ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, or BigCommerce.

And that’s ok.

They don’t really care about beating anyone else (maybe that’s not true) because they have their own perks and work perfectly for smaller businesses.

Like the Singaporean local business, Bakers Oven.

bakers oven singapore wix ecommerce

The thing is:

In Shopify, you’re limited to use only e-commerce related add-ons, whereas Wix provides add-ons that are stretched beyond the ecommerce functionality.

I like this about Wix.

Such feature gives you expandability and allows you to have more control over various functions.

But, Shopify accepts 70 payment gateways while Wix doesn’t.

You win some, you lose some.

What annoys Wix users the most is the shipping label feature.

There’s no option which allows you to make shipping labels directly. You will have to use other websites.

So if this is important then maybe it’s not the right platform for you.

Pricing of the Wix beats the Shopify platform, but what Shopify offers on their cheapest plan is more than what Wix does on its most expensive plan.

Wix plans for e-commerce now have a 50% off, not bad…

The choice is up to you.

If you have just started your ecommerce journey and don’t have a lot of money to invest, then you can try out Big Cartel.

8. Big Cartel – Creating Easy Online Stores

We like Big Cartel because it’s a great option for entrepreneurs who have just started out and don’t have enough money to spend on a fully fledged online store.

That is why I’ve added it to the list of the best ecommerce platforms for Singapore.

It’s also pretty simple to use, like Frudee Singapore show us…


You can use it at the price of $10 per month or even for free.

Get this:

The free plan allows you to put 5 listings with a single image per product on their domain.

If you opt for the paid option of $9.99/month, you can put 25 products with 5 images per product on your custom domain.

In addition, you get features like:

  • Theme-editing,
  • Real-time stats,
  • Google analytics integration,
  • Inventory tracking,
  • Discount coupon generation,
  • Bulk listing editing,
  • And shipment tracking…
  • All for under $10 per month.
big cartel ecommerce fees singapore

And the best part:

You won’t have to bother much with technical stuff to setup your store here.

You may have noticed that Big Cartel is not well advertised, and it actually only powers 5 stores in Singapore.


That REALLY doesn’t indicate that it’s a bad platform.

It’s not known to people because the company isn’t promoting its brand the way other ecommerce platforms are doing in the market, and as a marketer, I question why?

Any other issues I find?

Like Squarespace, it also has limited integrations.

But, believe it or not! It can be a great start to learn how the Singaporean ecommerce market operates at a cheap price.

9. Volusion – eCommerce Software

Volusion is one of the greatest hosted ecommerce solutions on the online market.

But, it seems like a secret.

Only 9 Singaporean businesses use it for their ecommerce solution.

It’s focused on providing a complete toolkit to those e-commerce business owners who want a hosted solution.

After some digging, I found:

Aldha Singapore, who are all about organics and healthcare, and use Volusion as their ecommerce platform of choice.

Give them a look.

Features include:

  • It allows you to do SEO management,
  • List 100 products,
  • Use multiple gateway options,
  • Calculate tax automatically,
  • And control inventory with multiple product display options
  • At the price of $29 per month.
volusion ecommerce pricing

The starter pack of the Volusion costs you around four dollars more than Big Cartel.

But, it’s a fact:

Volusion is slightly better than Big Cartel in terms of features.


There are “hidden fees” which you will have to pay, such as the purchase of an SSL certificate and migration charge.

And the mobile version of the website may look good on your iPhone and tablets, but how it looks elsewhere may not be satisfactory.

This part is very disappointing, seeing as around 95% of Singaporeans use mobile devices for browsing the internet.

This platform isn’t really beginner friendly.

So, if you’re a beginner stay away.

Volusion is famous for selling products in categories like:

  • Autos & Vehicles,
  • Health,
  • Perfumes,
  • Food & Drink,
  • Business & Industry, etc.

Like SD Perfumes here in Singapore…

As good as it is:

I wouldn’t recommend you to sell arts-related products here, stick to the categories that I mentioned above.

For art related, you can choose Big Cartel or Etsy. But Etsy is considered as the better platform for artists who make their own products.

Let’s see how is it.

10. Etsy – Selling Your Creativity

First of all.

You should know that Etsy ranks at the 60th position in the Alexa rankings of the US.

What does that actually mean?

To be honest, it doesn’t really mean anything to non-digital people, apart from the fact that the website is packed with Authority!

Etsy is an e-commerce website that is highly focused on handmade artistic commodities.

You can sell home décor, clothing, bags, furniture, toys, art as well as craft tools and supplies.

And guess what?

There are No stores from Singapore using Etsy, from my research.

But as you can see, from some of the sites I’ve found, you can sell the weird and wonderful here.

strange etsy stores ecommerce

Etsy gives you a comfortable and beautiful interface.

The way they have structured their platform makes it easy for you to learn about the platform at every single step.

Which is a masterstroke in my opinion!

Etsy is a perfect ecommerce solution for those artists who have just started out and don’t really have a big budget!

They allow you to list a product at just $0.20. At the time of the transactions, they will charge you only 5% fee per sale.

But, you should be aware…

Etsy fees are inexpensive but only in the beginning. I mean 5% transaction fees may become expensive when you start making more sales.

Let’s calculate:

You have sold around 1000 products at the price of $100.

The fees can add up very quickly!

You would have to pay around $5,000. There’s no problem in starting out as an artist on Etsy, like this guy selling a hand-carved wooden eagle…

If you want to save bucks, choose it in the beginning, and change to Shopify once you achieve the success you deserve.

11. Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware)

What kind of platform is Demandware?

It’s a software technology company which offers a cloud-based ecommerce solution with AI (Artificial Intelligence) personalization.

Now, this one is the most unique ecommerce platforms on this list.


The possibility of growing your ecommerce business on this platform is endless.

It is home to huge international brands the likes of Samsonite Singapore.

samsonite singapore uses demandware

And with good reason.

The possibilities are endless is because once you determine the way of operating your e-commerce store.

Salesforce (the company behind Demandware) will make it easier and faster than any other e-commerce platforms to turn your ideas into practical features.

Like GNC, the world’s largest chain of health food stores and nutritional supplement manufacturer since the 1930’s.

Who use Demandware for their operations.

Apart from this:

The continuous innovation of the company and support service will never become an obstacle in the way of your success.

You may face inconsistencies in the features of the platform if you’re not a creative person.

As you may have a hard time customizing its features.

But, if you are thinking of an ecommerce platform of this nature, you most likely have a huge team behind you.

They will have to run through various features to analyze which one fits for you and which one doesn’t.


Demandware doesn’t show pricing and charge for their services based on their version, add-ons you choose, and the type of business you have.

Its price is based on the revenue sharing model.

For more information, you may contact the vendor directly.

The eCommerce Platform Rundown

So there you have it, the top 10 best ecommerce platforms for Singapore. It’s a long list but hopefully, it has given you the help you need in choosing the correct e-commerce platform for your business.

Most of the platforms offer a Free 14 Day trial so make sure you give them a go.

My personal preference is Shopify, but only because I use it the most.

Now I want to hear from you.

What do you have to say?

Which ecommerce platform did you choose, or are thinking of choosing and why?

Are you going to try Shopify or BigCommerce?


Maybe you’re ready to get into the big game with Shopify Plus or even Demandware.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.