How to Start A Blog Online Tutorial – For Beginners

Today I’m going to show you the best way to start a blog and grow it super quick to gain a huge following of over 10,000 people.

Have you ever wondered how famous bloggers are able to earn money from blogging?

Blogging isn’t as hard as it looks…

And I’m going to take you step by step through my blog set up a system that has seen some of my blog earnings pass $9072 in one day!

I recently helped a work at home mum double her subscribers on her blog, meaning a huge jump in sales.

And, with this easy to follow how to start a blog online tutorial you will have your first blog up and running today!

Don’t worry if you don’t have an idea yet…I want to show you the right way to start your blog and start making money from it…

Are you ready to start an incredible blogging journey?

Let’s Gather Some Facts First

To start with…

If you don’t have the right information, about your blog it can be hard to win.

Fact #1: The more effort you put into blogging the better it will grow for you.

How to Start A Blog Online Tutorial

If you want to start a blog today, which is a great idea…

Fact #2: To get success in blogging, you need patience and consistency, things I hope you have!

Being someone new to blogging, you can potentially see results in as quickly as 1 month…

And. as you can see in the above statistics, the more time spent doing the things that get results, the better the blog becomes, and the results significantly increased.

Do you want to discover the expert’s way to start a blog online?

Of course you do!

Let me briefly explain to you about 4 Pillars of Blogging, and how they are key to this tutorial on how to start a blog online.

But first, if you are looking to start your first eCommerce store online from scratch you can check out this tutorial here.

4 Basic Pillars of Blogging

Understanding how to start blogging online - 4 key pillars of a successful blog

Blogging must be considered as a skill.

And you know what?

Every skill has some basic components to master.

For example, if you’re trying to be a rapper, you must understand about key skills like music measurement, types of rhymes, syllable counting, and rhythm patterns.

Anyway, we’re here to learn how to start blogging online. Therefore, here are:

4 Pillars Of How To Start A Blog Online And Get Paid

  1. Picking the Right Web Hosting and Domain Name.
  2. What the best Revenue Generation Methods for Blogging are.
  3. Easy Website Creation and Customization.
  4. Search Engine Optimization.

When you have all of these great pillars together you will find that making a full time income from blogging becomes a much easier task.

Without wasting any time, let’s discuss these 4 pillars in detail.

Pick the Right Web Hosting and Domain for Blogging

which web hosting is best to start a blog?

A wrong web hosting and domain name may kill your blogging career in a stealth mode before you even get started. Google is not a fan of slow websites, and bad hosting will cause this.

On the other hand, if your domain name doesn’t represent your blog, Google bots may get confused and you won’t get to the top of the search engine. Again! Your competitor may win the top positions of Google.

Which Web Hosting is Best for Blogging as a beginner?

Although there are various web hosting services for blogging, I thoroughly recommend A2 Hosting.

If you don’t want to mess up your current budget, A2 Hosting will be a perfect option for you.

As a matter of fact, A2 Hosting is ranked as probably the best hosting company for WordPress (which is why this website uses A2Hosting). It’s great for cutting costs when starting your first blog online in 2020.

Which A2 Hosting Plan is Best for Blogging?

Starting a new blog as a beginner, you should pick from A2 Hosting’s shared hosting plans. These are made to help you start blogging at an affordable price. Currently, A2 Hosting has 4 WordPress shared hosting plans:

a2 hosting wordpress shared plans

I recommend getting the basic STARTUP plan, and you can get a special deal here going at $2.99 a month, less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

It’s a really good deal for hosting, especially considering all of the great things you get for free with the $2.99 deal.

The setup is really simple also.

Click on the package that you want to start with.

Once you do, you will be brought to the next page, where you will get to pick a new domain name for your first blog.

Recommend Hosting: Perfect if YOU are new to blogging & looking for cheap hosting. Click here and take advantage of the discounted $2.99 a month hosting. Only while still running!

Choosing A Domain Name

From my perspective, a domain name should be easy to remember. Most importantly, it should represent your blog.

For example, ecommerceasean.com clearly explains that the blog is made to help out eCommerce businesses of Southeast Asian nations.

picking a domain name for your first blog

If you already bought a domain name before, you can also enter it in here, in the section that says “use a domain you own”.

Once you have chosen, click Check.

If the domain is available, click Add To Continue…

adding a new domain name to your blog

When making your first blog and signing up to your first hosting company make sure you fill in all your information, and most importantly your email, so you can get any notifications from A2 Hosting in the future.

choosing the correct hosting package

Once you are happy with your package, you can choose how long you want to have your hosting for.

This tutorial on how to start a blog online is a key beginning to get you working and making money with blogging, so how ever confident and how much spare cash you have will really be the determining factor.

The longer your subscription to A2 Hosting, the cheaper your initial cost becomes, give it a look.

I recommend just getting it for 1 Year, and then clicking off all of the additional boxes that A2 Hosting gives you as add-on options, all except your ID Protection (your choice), as this protects who you are online.

Click Continue.

domains configuration a2 hosting

Then once you have chosen that, click continue again…

make sure you are happy with your hosting choice

Once you are happy, click continue and enter your personal details and credit card information.

enter your personal details

When you do all the things necessary, and you enter your payment details into A2 Hosting and click Complete Order, and you are on the way to getting started with your very first blog, so let’s get to it!

Setting Up Your First WordPress Blog Using A2 Hosting

After you have done this, you will be sent an email by A2 Hosting, with all of your account information.

And you will also be directed to your new A2 Hosting account where you can see how to start your first blog online.

First click on the button that says… cPanel Login.

Locate your cPanel

Then click the button that says WordPress – A2 Optimized…

Step 1 in setting up your wordpress website

Then click Quick Install

quick install your wordpress site

Then scroll down and take a note of:

  1. Username
  2. Password
save your username and password for wordpress

Then enter your email… YOU MUST ENTER YOUR EMAIL…

Then click Install…

save your logins details

Your website will now install, and you will be brought to this page. Take note of everything on this page so you acn use it to login to your very own website.

That is as easy as it is to get your first website created, with no tech skills needed at all.

Now that I have shown you how to start a blog online with this easy tutorial, you can get started straight away by clicking the big green button below.

Blog Website Creation and Customization

which domain name should we choose?

WordPress Installation For Your Blog

So if you still don’t know how to start your first blog online, go into your A2 Hosting account and look for the easy WordPress Optimization Quick installation. The following instructions can help you install WordPress on A2 Hosting:

  1. Log in to your cPanel
  2. Hover around the website section and choose “Install WordPress.
  3. Finally, check terms and conditions and click the install button.

Congrats! You have successfully installed WordPress on A2 Hosting.

WordPress Theme Selection For Blogging

When it comes to theme selection, you should pay attention to its color combinations, loading speed, and navigation, but WordPress have that all sorted for you, with their choice of cool quick running themes.

But my favorite is called GeneratePress… and it’s FREE!

  1. Go to Appearance >> Themes >> Add New
  2. Search for Generate Press in the search bar
  3. Click Install >> Activate

Once you have clicked Install and you are ready to start blogging online with your first blog.

Category Creation

Category creation not only makes your blog easily navigable but also contributes to its SEO. Please keep in mind that we should make categories once for all time.

When I was a beginner, I used to change categories too often, which negatively affected my SEO. If I knew about it, my blog would have ranked way better on Google.

To prevent yourself from changing categories, again and again, you have to be specific by penning down the most important topics of your blog…

Do onto our next section.

Now, knowing how to start a blog online tutorial wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t speak about different ways that you can earn income through blogging.

Revenue Generation Models for Blogging

start a blog and earn money

Believe it or not, every blogger expects to make money as soon as possible. Don’t you want the same? Well, the good news is – there are many methods of revenue generation. Let me tell you about them one by one.

Google AdSense for blogging online

Google AdSense is the easiest way to make money as a blogger. Once you place Google ads on your blog, you will start making money every time someone clicks on your ad.

On an average, Google pays $0.1-$2 on every click based on the location of your visitor.

If you want to make money from AdSense, you need a lot of visitors.

Using Blogging for Email Marketing

Top bloggers are earning $10,000 per month from email marketing.  

Email marketing can help you make more money than AdSense. And guess what? You don’t need a lot of visitors to make money. Surprisingly, only ten thousand visitors per month may leave more than $100 on your table.

You just need to install an email capturing system on your blog so that you can pitch your products in a smart way.

Even if you don’t have a product, you may take advantage of email marketing by integrating it with affiliating marketing.

In affiliate marketing, you sell someone else’ product to make a commission.

How to make money blogging with Sponsored Posts

If you have a popular blog, a company may not hesitate to give you money for representing their products and services.

The good side of sponsored posting is – you can earn money from blog without selling a product. Isn’t it cool?

A single post may give you $100-$1000.

Make An Email Capturing System

One of the parts of this tutorial on how to start a blog online tutorial is about this topic here. Making a simple email capture form to get every vistor’s email…

You have to make an email capturing system for your blog, and it’s so simple to do also..

If you want to capture email, you need to offer some sort of value. You can offer a free eBook to get their email.

how can I setup my autoresponder?

Although there are many autoresponders, GetResponse is my favorite because of its free 1-month trial.

GetResponse is easy to set up and lets you keep up to 1,000 contacts in free trial plan.

How To Start SEO For Your New Blog Online

how to do SEO of a new website

In 2020, it has become challenging to rank on top of Google. For me, it was an uphill struggle too, but I found ways that worked and made myself better.

Part of this how to start a blog online tutorial is about giving you the best information I can, cutting your learning curve and that includes this cool blueprint to rank on a regular basis.

Sound good? Let me tell you about on-page and off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO for New Bloggers

On-page SEO decides the fate of your blogging journey. Without proper on-page SEO, your blog can be as dead as a Do-do bird.

If you want to make your on-page SEO right and tight, pay attention to the following SEO aspects.

Understand the True Value of Keywords for your blog

A keyword is referred to such a group of words that goes inside the search box of any search engine. Perhaps, you must have searched, “how to start a blog online tutorial” or something similar.

If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here.

As an SEO expert of our own blog, you must put keywords in our content. If you don’t, you won’t be able to rank on top, and people won’t be able to find you.

How To Start A Blog Online With Good Keyword Research

Keyword research plays a crucial role in your rankings. Unfortunately, many blogging beginners fail to research quality keywords.

High competition and low-volume keywords are considered worst. However, in the parallel universe of SEO experts, low competition and high-volume keywords are considered to be the best.

Currently, Ubersuggest is one of the best free tools for keyword research. Here’s how you can research using Ubersuggest.

How to use Ubersuggest keyword research tool for your blog

What I like the most about Ubersuggest is its easiness of use for beginners. You can research keywords related to your topic right from the homepage of Ubersuggest.

Once you hit the enter key after inserting your idea in the Ubersuggest’s search box, you will get a lot of keywords.

Look at the arrows given below. If you click on the related keywords, you will see keywords of several variations.

how to start a blog online keyword research tutorial

In addition to this, one of the things you need to know about how to start a blog online is that you can shortcut your learning by spying on your competitors.

Yes, their best keywords can be yours. You just need to put their domain name in Ubersuggest’s search box.

how to spy on competitors using Ubersuggest

Now that you have learned to research keywords for free, I recommend you to keep all the important keywords in one place.

Such a practice not only makes your work organized but also improves productivity.

Ubersuggest free keyword research tool

I usually keep my keywords on a notepad. For example, if I am stealing keywords from Neil Patel’s website, I would keep them on a notepad.

How To Start An Online Blog Correctly Using Smartly Researched Keywords

Now you must be wondering – how can you use these researched keywords to rank on Google. It’s not rocket science.

Back years ago, it was tough to optimize your blogs web content.

Today, things called plugins help to take your blog online from a dream into reality, because they handle all the techy work that is pretty hard to do.

Yoast, a plugin that helps rank your researched keywords for your blog is solid gold. Wait a minute!

Don’t you know how to use Yoast?

Okay, let me explain how it works, and how to start your blog using it.

starting your own online blog using researched keywords to rank on Google

Yoast is a free tool with some limitations. Somehow, we’re fortunate enough to have everything we need in free version.

Whenever we do on-page SEO, we usually stuff our articles with multiple keywords. However, we keep our focus on one.

how to start a blog online using Yoast tutorial

Yoast SEO is like a mentor for me.

When I do wrong with my on-page SEO, its smiley indicator tells me what’s wrong.

Apart from the indicator, I can see its checklist to make things clear.

Follow along in this tutorial with what ll the things say, including Yoast, and you will never have a problem with how to start a blog online, period!

How To Do Off-Page SEO For Your New Online Blog

You must have heard that quote – “work in silence and let your success be your noise.” Sometimes, I feel sorry for those who believe that this quote applies to blogging as well.

On-page SEO doesn’t work well without off-page SEO.

If you want to get success in blogging, you have to make noise for the work you have done. Do you know how to make noise on the internet?

Commenting on Niche-Related Blogs

I must say – home bakers are really good at this thing. Whenever they cook something new, they make their neighbor friends taste the food.

In blogging, owners of all-niche related blogs are your friends, or potentially will become your friends.

Whenever you visit a blog similar to your one, you should make a positive comment to invite them over.

Although bloggers don’t approve comments fast, once they do, you get a backlink and free traffic.

A backlink is like a vote of confidence from another blog for yours. So the more backlinks you get for your new blog the better!

So when you make these comments on peoples blog, the owner, and fans of that blog will also visit your blog.

How To Become A Great Blogger – Promote Your Blog on Forums

Forums are powerful enough to give your blog an initial boost. Once you start engaging in a community of similar niche, people won’t mind taking interest in your blog.

An added bonus – these visitors may become a part of your email list, and eventually, they may even end up buying.

The reason behind it is consistency. When you consistently engage, they will regularly visit your blog.

Guest Blogging Your Way To A Successful Blog

Guest blogging makes your blog more authoritative to Google as well as bloggers of your niche. In the beginning, most bloggers have a hard time finding blogs of similar niche.

Anyway, here’s how you can find blogs for guest posting:

how to find blogs for guest posting online

First of all, you will search a keyword on Google, which is related to my niche.

A bunch of sites will pop up in search results. As usual, I will keep domain names and emails of similar blogs in my notepad.

After making a list of more than 50 contacts, I will email these ideas to editors. If they like, they will let me post on their blogs.

You will get a link and they will get a free guest post. It will be a win-win situation.

How Social Media Sharing Helps Start A Successful Blog Online

Is social media sharing good for blogging?

It’s an undeniable fact that social media has changed the course of blogging, and getting to grips with this tutorial about how to start a blog online will rely heavily on social media.

You may not believe that some blogs like Wittyfeed, RVCJ, and Buzzfeed are surviving on social media.

You will never know what will get viral on the internet. Therefore, it’s recommended to share every post on social media.

At present, social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter can bring a huge result to your blog.

Nowadays, Pinterest is becoming a hot way of getting free traffic. Some bloggers have even received around 50k visitors from it.

Using Quora To Start Your Online Blogging

Have you ever heard about Quora?

Quora is a next-level trend. A single answer may help you build a great email list for your new blog.

A year ago, I received almost 5000 visitors from Quora alone. Here’s how you can use Quora to boost your visitor count of your blog.

Why Quora is a good platform for your blog

The magic spell to find Quora answers related to your article is Google. Just type your topic in the following way:

site:quora.com how to use Facebook ads

how to write an answer on Quora

To get free traffic from Quora, you must answer and offer valuable support to the community. Along with this, you may invite them to your blog while solving their issues.

Medium – The Secret Weapon On How To Start A Blog Online

Medium is a free way of link building. You can publish your posts without any hassle. Just write an article related to your niche and publish it.

how to start an online blog using medium

Once you start posting on Medium, you will get more traffic. Gradually, your blog will gain authority because Medium itself is a domain of high authority.

But it is so much more than just a link builder and one of the key traffic drivers for this how to start a blog online tutorial that you have just read through, pay good attention to it.

Next Steps For This How To Start A Blog Online Tutorial

  1. Go to A2 Hosting and choose your plan,
  2. Choose a good domain name,
  3. Use the WordPress 1-click Install to make your blog in a matter of minutes,
  4. Add a nice FREE theme to your new blog,
  5. Write your first post (I’m sure you are packed full of ideas),
  6. Go find other blogs in your niche to comment on
  7. Have fun doing what you love!

We hope that this how to start a blog online tutorial is just what you needed to get started with blogging, it’s a lot of fun, and can also be lucrative if you follow the steps mentioned above.

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  1. Hi guys, I really loved this, so simple and laid out everything in such an easy to follow manner.
    One question… you recommend bluehost here, but I’ve read that a2 hosting is also good, which one to you prefer for starting a blog? Do you rate a2 hosting?

    • Hi Micheal, A2 is also a great host. The reason we chose Bluehost for this tutorial is that it is the lowest costing hosting to get started with, while still maintaining superb WordPress hosting. It is also WordPress recommended. We have done a comparison of a2 hosting Vs Bluehost here if you want to go a bit deeper.


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